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What is Chocolates and Tomatoes Farm?

Chocolates and Tomatoes Farm strives to be sustainable, colorful, and delicious. The founding of Chocolates and Tomatoes in 2013 was the start to realizing a long-time dream. The founder, farmer, and chocolatier of Chocolates and Tomatoes is Mark Mills. He graduated from pastry school in 2013, but has long worked in the restaurant industry. Chocolates and Tomatoes allows him to share his passion for unique foods and flavors by growing them sustainably, creatively crafting edible yumminess, and selling locally. Learn more about our milestones by visiting our Facebook page.


Growing the Fruits, Herbs, and Vegetables

We grow fruits, herbs, and vegetables using sustainable practices that respect and protect the soil (see our agricultural practices page). After searching for the perfect spot for many years, we have settled in Middletown, MD.


On our 11 acre property, we have 3 acres fenced where we do much of our growing out of reach of the deer. In our high tunnel at the top of the hill, we grow most of our tomatoes. We have begun an orchard in the side field where we hope to have apples, pears, plums, peaches, cherries, apricots, and more in the future. We planted over 400 trees there, but it will probably be 2023 or 2024 before the trees are ready to share yummy treats.


Part of the orchard field is also devoted to supporting on polinator friends -- bees and butterflies. On any given day when the flowers are in bloom, you can see them dancing among them. We allow farm visitors to pick the zinnias when in season.  


Farming requires many materials and resources. We are thankful that we have many friends and colleagues who have helped us. 



Crafting the Chocolates

Mark hand-crafts his chocolates. He is inspired to create unique flavor combinations by the flavors of fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs, and spices. He hand-paints and air-brushes the colors with cocoa-butter colors. He would be happy to collaborate with you to develop special flavors and designs for your special occasions. We have provided chocolates for weddings, bar mitzvah's, and other special events. Contact Mark and let us help you make yours unique.

Buying Our Fruits, Herbs, Vegetables and Chocolates

We sell our fruits, herbs, vegetables, and chocolates right on the farm! Click on the Shop page to see what is currently available on the farm. Learn how to cook the things we make and grow by coming to one of our classes (click on classes)

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