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The Learning Kitchen

Come to Learning Kitchen at Chocolates and Tomatoes Farm to expand your cooking and candy skills!

The Learning Kitchen at Chocolates and Tomatoes Farm will launch on January 28, 2023. The Learning Kitchen is a dream come true for Chef Mark. He loves to share with others his passion for food, creativity and artistry, and to help others discover their inner creative chef. Register Here

  • Chef Mark has a pastry arts degree from L'Academie de Cuisine, and has been cooking professionally for 30+ years.

  • He has been making and selling his handcrafted chocolates since 2013.

  • He routinely teaches adults as an instructor in the Frederick Community College Hospitality, Culinary, & Tourism program (since 2019). His classes include Advanced Bread Baking, Advanced Artistry, and Garde Manger (includes things like pickling, sausage-making, etc.).

The Learning Kitchen is a space for adults to find their inner chef, learn about confectionary creation (sugar and chocolate), and expand their tastes for fresh, locally seasonal vegetables. Some classes will be for beginners who have never tried to make (and perhaps have never tasted) the featured item. Some classes will be for people who have been experimenting on their own and want to advance their skills.

  • The number of people in each class depends on the learning activities, but you can generally expect 6-15 people.

  • You will get to take home with you a recipe, list of needed cooking supplies, and a portion of the item made in the class.

  • Extra portions will be available for sale.

  • During the class, we will have free coffee and tea for participants to drink while there. And, you will get to taste whatever is being made.

Class types include the following categories and examples:

  • Sugary Sweets: hard candies, marshmallows, caramels

  • Chocolates: tempering/creating the snap, melt-aways, rolled truffle, creating artisan truffles (

  • Veggies: offerings are seasonal depending on what is reading for harvesting on the farm; examples are Spring Slaws, Asian vegetables, Great Greens

  • Tastings: For all tastings, you will have the opportunity to sample several varieties of the same fruit or vegetable to learn about the range flavors. Chef Mark will demonstrate how to make beautiful, delicious dishes. We will help you sample and appreciate the rainbow of tomatoes, peppers, summer squash, winter squash, and more as harvest permit.

  • Preserving: These classes help your fruits and veggies last longer by creating jams, jellies, canning, and pickling.

  • And, in the future we may also offer desserts, breads, and artistry.

You can also contact Chef Mark if you would like to have a private, adults-only cooking class or gathering in The Learning Kitchen.

  • Pricing will be determined based on the length of time, prices of ingredients, and number of people expected.


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