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agricultural practices

At Chocolates and Tomatoes Farm, we use sustainable, organic agricultural practices. Basically, sustainable practices are those that enables us to grow healthful food without compromising future generation's ability to do so. We make sure we put back any nutrients from the soil that we use. And, by growing organically -- using only natural substances to help us grow -- we don't poison the soil or groundwater with any chemicals. Some of our practices include:

  • Integrated pest management, including manually inspecting the plants, use of ladybugs and other beneficial predators to eat pests, and use of row cover (fabric that covers the row of crops to let light and water in but keep pests out)

  • Organic fertilizers, including various types of animal manure

  • Organic soil enrichment and protection, including compost, crop rotation, cover crops, drip irrigation, and high tunnels

  • Supporting pollinator habitats through flowering plants (including cover crops) and bringing in bees

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