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Hand-Crafted Artisan Chocolates

Chef Mark hand crafts colorful, flavorful chocolates for every season to bring delight to you and yours.

Mother's Day chocolates will be available starting May 4!

Chef Mark Mills is a trained pastry chef and chocolatier (yep, he is also the lead farmer at Chocolates and Tomatoes Farm).

  • Throughout the year we offer Chef Mark's chocolate creations. Styles and flavors change with the seasons.

  • All our chocolates have 65% dark chocolate shells. He tempers and molds the chocolates into a range of shapes.

  • Chef Mark uses cocoa butter to create the colors and selects special cocoa butter prints.

  • He develops and makes all the fillings (like caramel, marshmallow, or ganache) that fill the chocolates. Throughout the year you can expect flavors such as raspberry, mint, passionfruit, coconut, key lime, pineapple, coffee, amaretto, and more.

Give Chef Mark a call (571-271-2686) or send him a note if you want to purchase chocolates in bulk for a special occasion. He can work with you to design just the right flavors, colors, and shapes.

If we've got chocolates for sale, then you can order them here.

  • We do not currently ship our chocolates.

  • If you want to purchase chocolates and ship them yourself, we recommend that you ship out on a Monday -- this minimizes time in warehouses.

  • If shipping in warm weather or to someplace warm, then include a special shipping cold pack.

  • Chocolates are very sensitive to changes in temperature.


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