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Thank You

Starting up the farm and the chocolate business have been hard work. We wouldn't have been able to do it without the help of lots of folks. Here we express our thanks to those individuals and businesses who have helped us achieve what we have so far. 

Sharing Expertise

Education/Technical Assistance

Chocolates and Tomatoes farm has benefitted from technical assistance from many folks with the Agricultural Service including Chuck Schuester, Jeremy Criss, Eddie Franceschi, and Amanda Laudwein. They have helped to identify resources and pests, and to plan for soil conservation and nutrient management



How do farm your land without owning a plow? You need other farmers wiling to take some time away from their farms to drive down and help you. We were lucky to have many farmers who contributed their equipment and time to help us get the fields tilled up from their grassy pasture stat

Erecting Structures
The Land

Our friends Harmik and Savak Aslan (pictured here)  helped up erect a deer fence around one acre, and gather supplies. They spent many of their days off from their metal-working business, Artotec, to help us:


Our friend and fellow start-up farmer, Russ Testa, also helped us carry materials needed for our cold house construction.

Donated Resources
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