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Adopting Crema, our farm dog

Crema thought the best way for you to get to know her would be to start at the beginning. How did she and her peoples meet? What were her peoples like when she came to live with them?

How did Crema and her peoples meet?

Crema's peoples, Mark (her people Daddy-boy) and Teresa (her people Mama-girl), had been talking about adding a fur-baby to the family for many years. In 2014, they decided the time was right -- they were going to look until they found just the right fur-baby to adopt (more on this part in the next section).

Crema was born in 2014. Her peoples first saw Crema online. We don't have that very first picture, but she has a certain look that just reels you in. This picture shows that special look with those soul-searching brown eyes that we just can't resist!

She was at a shelter in Bourbon County, Kentucky. The listing said she was a dachshund-pointer mix, just a few weeks old. She and siblings had been brought in to the shelter.

We put in an adoption application. They called to talk to us, and they called our references. Finally, we were approved! The Kentucky shelter was partnering with a Petco in Germantown, MD where we lived at the time. All the dogs set to be adopted would arrive on a particular Saturday in February 2015; we knew she was living with a foster family nearby getting ready for the big day. And then it snowed -- too much for anyone to go anywhere! A few days later we picked up Crema at her foster family house. She was so little -- about the size of a loaf of bread. Here is a picture of Crema and her peoples waiting to meet her vet for the first time.

What were Crema's peoples like when she came to live with them?

Crema says this story is getting a little long and she wants to go out to play. We will pick up with this question the next time.

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