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Shadiest Spots on the Farm

Farms are not meant to have many shady spots.

  • The veggies, herbs, and fruits we grow need lots of sunlight.

  • When we set up our fields, we think about how to plant to maximize sun.

But, humans and doggies do need some shade. Crema is the best at finding shade

....temporary, as in the shade cast off by the lawnmower or tractor or truck, wherever it may be parked

...under the table at the on-farm market (picture left from 2022)


....under the burdock root plant (the only shady spot in the main farm field)

We humans have fewer options. My personal favorite on the farm is the maple tree in our front yard. I can feel the cool just by walking by. And, the soft rustle of the leaves, with birds tweeting, is cooling for the mind too.... Just picture yourself under this maple canopy.

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