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Crema's Peoples, Our Farm Dog's Family

In our last post, we talked about how Crema met her peoples (Daddy-Boy and Momma-Girl). Here we share what Crema's people family was like when Crema was first adopted.

Daddy-Boy (a.k.a Chef/Farmer Mark)

Daddy-Boy had grown up in a family that had always had fur babies. Most of his adult life had included a dog. He had been wanting to add a dog to the family ever since he married Momma-Girl, but it hadn't been the right time. For a long time both of them had long commutes and were working all day. His last job before becoming a farmer was a general manager for Ted's Montana Grill at one of their Virginia locations. They had also been renting various apartments since moving to the area in 2006 (they had moved from Chapel Hill, NC -- yes they are big Tar Heel Basketball fans -- they both went to school there).

Momma-Girl (a.k.a Teresa)

Momma-Girl grew up terrified of dogs. She could not remember what happened to cause it, but in her childhood nightmares the monster under the bed was a dog. As a child, she spent her time avoiding dogs. As an adult, she actively worked on overcoming her fear. So, when Daddy-Boy said he wanted a fur baby to join the family, Momma-Girl was worried -- would she be afraid of her own dog? She was willing to give it a try, but she was sure she could not handle going to a shelter where there would be lots of dogs.

When Crema's People Family Began

So, this is why Daddy-Boy and Momma-Girl were searching for a fur baby they could adopt online. We thought a puppy would be easier for Momma-Girl to get used to. Momma-Girl was still commuting a long way, but Daddy-Boy was now farming not too far away and could bring a fur baby with him. In those early years, most of what we farmed was purchased by Manna Food through a program funded by Montgomery County, MD to support new farmers and bring fresh food to families in need. So, even though Crema didn't always live on a farm, she did spend nearly every day exploring a farm. This picture of baby Crema playing on the row cover is one of our favorites.

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