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Farm Tools: Part 1

On Chocolates and Tomatoes Farm, we rely on many different tools to bring you fresh, chemical-free, fruits, herbs, and vegetables. This blog is the first of many to tell you about those farm tools. We buy some of the tools, borrow some of the tools, and partner with others that occur naturally. Follow along this blog series to learn about how each of the tools serves a special function and is right-sized for the farm we have and the crops we grow.

Our Tractor

A tractor is probably the most familiar farm tool to most people. When we stared farming, I learned that it was not all that I thought it was. It turns out that the tractor is an important part of a tool package but it doesn't do that much by itself. Ours (see below) has a bucket on the front so we can use it for scooping dirt, mulch, manure, and for carrying various items that are too heavy for us to move by hand. Essentially, the tractor is the engine that allows us to pull other tools. Think of the tractor as taking the place of the mule or the horse.

Man driving small tractor
Mark driving our tractor

We got this tractor when we bought the farm in Middletown. It is a big investment even to get a small, used tractor like this one. When we first moved here, and in our previous farming locations, we borrowed tractors from kind farmers nearby.

Stay tuned for more blogs on our farm tools -- learned about the tools we use the tractor to pull and more.

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