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Spring: Forsythia Blooms and Birds Amassing

On Chocolates and Tomatoes Farm, forsythias blooming and birds amassing are two more signs of spring (see earlier blog for others).

Forsythia Blooming

Our first spring here, it was a happy to surprise to learn that the sleeping winter plants were vibrant in the spring. Since arriving, we have planted several more forsythia bushes that we allow to be free-form near the house and on the back treeline.

Teresa loves these cheery yellow flowers. She grew up in south Florida where there was little discernable change from one season to another. So spring flower watching is one of her favorite things to do. The picture on the left is an upward look at the flowers blooming under a canopy of sleeping trees.

Spring Birds Amassing

Birds amassing in the sky and tree tops (as seen on the right), covering our lawn and fields, and flitting from yard to yard in large groups is a sure sign of Spring. At the farm, we also see it as a sign of sustainable farming practices. We maintain a good habitat to which wildlife flock. At this time of year, the birds won't cause any damage to the crops and they help fertilize the fields. Honestly, I don't know what kind of birds they are, but their raucous chatter that I can hear from inside the house is a welcome addition to the spring landscape.

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