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Finn Finds Adventure

Finn C. Bear

Chef Mark created Finn to liven up your Mardi Gras, St. Patrick's Day, or Easter party. It is not surprising this active chocolate bear has not been content to sit on his shelf waiting for families to include him in their gatherings.

Following Finn

In this blog, we follow Finn around the farm, but as the picture of Finn in the mailbox shows, he was not content to stay here. In future blogs, we follow Finn around Middletown, and we invite our readers to figure out where he is for a chance to get a discount on a class at The Learning Kitchen or on a product purchase from the farm, including your very own Finn.

Finn on the Farm

We saw Finn exiting The Learning Kitchen through the purple door. He hopped on the mower. He rode up to the high tunnel to check out the seeding area, but soon found the sunlight and warm tunnel too much for his chocolate self. Next, he thought he'd see if the bees might be in the mood to share some honey (but they said it is too early in the season -- they need some more blooming plants).

Check back later this week to see where Finn went next!

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