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Green Tomatoes, Cauliflower Back, Lots More!

At Chocolates and Tomatoes Farm, we still have a wide variety of field fresh veggies available. See the full variety and order here by Thursday night (9/28).

  • Veggies that you originally fell in love with in the spring (and have been missing all summer) are returning each week -- CAULIFLOWER IS BACK, joining broccoli and green cabbage

  • Traditional fall favorites

  • Have you ever had Green Tomatoes? -- Try out something new!

    • Many people have heard of fried green tomatoes, but there are other ways to enjoy unripened tomatoes.

  • Still have plenty of herbs -- cilantro came back, basil, rosemary, tarragon

  • Some veggies have staying power for the whole season and are still going strong -- beets, carrots, chard, eggplant, potatoes, salad mix, spinach, mushrooms, sweet green peppers, sweet pepper mix, yellow candy onions

  • We've still got chocolate, of course!

  • We've still got sourdough bread

Learn more about the off-season at Chocolates and Tomatoes Farm and how we practice sustainable farming

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