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More Floral Signs of Spring

Flowers are a common sign of spring. Here I share three different Spring flower experiences.

We have a giant ornamental cherry tree in our front yard. Each Spring I am anxious for it to bloom. Its showy pink blossoms are short-lived but georgeous. Each year I worry -- did something happen to the tree? It feels like all the neighboring trees bloom first and this one waits for it own day to be special.

Frosted dandelions are represents the plant confusion in the spring. Dandelions burst forth with enthusiasm when spring gets warm enough to to help them push through. But sometimes they get a rude awakening with a frosty morning.

Finally, in Spring we vividly see the battle between flora and fauna with the partially eaten deer "resistant" vegetation. Hyacinths are one such flowers touted as deer resistant. They fare better than tulips (totally gobbled) and worse than daffodils (not a scratch on them). I just can't resist all their beautiful colors, but each year I must endure their partial beheading, especially of the most colorful ones. The deer leave alone the white and yellow ones, but just can't resist the temptation of "nibbling" the others that look like cotton candy. They appear to resist after the first bite where they take half the flower -- at least they leave little pops of color for me.

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