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On-Farm Market Week 6, New this Week Garlic and Blueberries!

Thank you for telling your friends and family about us. We really appreciate it! We look forward to welcoming more visitors to Chocolates and Tomatoes Farm at 7957 Hollow Road, Middletown, MD 21769, on summer Saturdays, 9am-1pm at the red and white tents. If you want to order online, you need to do it by 11pm Thursday night (that allows us to harvest on Friday and have it bagged and ready for pick on Saturday). Online ordering helps us plan ahead a little bit better and has the advantage for you of knowing we won't sell out before you get to us.

New for Purchase Online Now or At the Tents on 6/17 (and coming again based on demand)

  • If you came to market last week, you know that the blueberries actually made a sneak peak then. They are now available for purchase online and we expect to have them at market. If you are counting on having blueberries and you can't come early, then placing an online order might be right for you so we've got them reserved for you.

  • Garlic (pictured middle) is making its first appearance this week. This is garlic fresh out of the ground; not cured (curing is a process where you let them dry out for a few weeks making them easier to store for the long-term). We don't grow that much so our goal is to get them out to you to enjoy right away so curing isn't needed. If you were with us last year, you know the season is short and the garlic sells out pretty quickly. You can purchase online or pick it up at the market.

Sourdough Bread and Rolls (pictured right)

This is our first year offering the house-made sourdough bread and rolls. They have been flying off the table each Saturday. We are now offering them for purchase online to reserve your loaf in advance!

Snow and Snap Peas in Full Swing

Bins brimming full of freshly harvest snow and snap peas
Snow and Snap Peas fresh from the field

We are overflowing in snow and snap peas right now. Come get it while these tasty sweet treats are in season (just a few weeks). I prefer them just washed and raw for snacking (both are so tender right out of the field that you can eat them pod and all). You can also cook them all kinds of ways including using in your stir fry.

I'll admit, I was confused when Mark said we had snow peas and snap peas -- I thought they were the same things. They taste similar and have the same nutritional value. The snow peas are the flat ones with tiny little pea bumps in them. The snap peas have formed peas in them and are hybrid of snow peas and garden peas.

What else is at the market?

Everything we had for Week 5 we will have for Week 6 (but probably not strawberries or cauliflower -- of course, we can never really be sure on some things until market day).

Check out the Week 5 blog for what will make a return appearance and for what else you can do nearby!

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