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What is Behind that Purple Door?

If you come to a class in The Learning Kitchen at Chocolates and Tomatoes Farm you get to experience the magic that happens behind the purple door!

  • Learn how to make tasty and beautiful sweet treats (and take home the tasty creations you make in class)

  • Learn new ways to prepare the veggies we grow on the farm (more veggie classes will be posted soon)

  • Taste the rainbow of veggie varieties so you can unlock your inner chef by knowing what the tomato rainbow, pepper rainbow, and rainbow of other veggies taste like (sessions will be held when each veggie is in season)

  • See what we have to offer in our Chocolate Shop (year round and special holiday offerings)

Come visit us for a special sneak peak of the Chocolate Shop on Friday, April 7, 2023 (4-7pm) and Saturday, April 8, 2023 (10am-1pm)

  • Just take a look to see what we are up to

  • Pick up some treats for Easter or just to satisfy your (or a special someone's) sweet tooth

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