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Berries in Waiting (Almost Here)

One of the things I love about the farm is how the landscape is always changing! I love to observe the relationship between the flowers and the fruits (and sometimes the flowers and the roots). I didn't grow up with a garden or watching plants grow so now it is an endless fascination!

It is a bit of a puzzle to me how so many delicate, white flowers become fruits of all shapes and colors.

  • The tiny white blueberry flowers do project the future shape of the blueberry. They make me think of old-fashioned pictures of a sleeping cap or tiny tulips. Imagine that soon deep blue, plump, juicy blueberries will emerge!

  • The blackberry flowers are larger, more dispersed and do not suggest to me the fruit that is to follow. These dainty flowers remind me of something I might see painted on porcelain.

  • The strawberry flowers have happy sunshine faces. To me, they are the lowrider version of sunflowers -- bringing a smile to me face with just a look at theirs. Who would think there is a rosy, juicy strawberry waiting to burst forth?

So nice for them all to put on a cheery show while we wait for their transformation.


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