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February 2024 Cooking Classes and Events at The Learning Kitchen

We are beginning our 2024 classes at The Learning Kitchen with a mix of old favorites and new offerings. We only have February up right now, but in the next couple of weeks you will also see classes for March and April appear.

  • our plan is to offer 1-2 classes per week up through mid-December, with a mix of sweet and savory, healthy and indulgent each month

  • we offer weekend daytime (some Saturdays and some Sundays) and weekday evening classes because we know folks have different kinds of schedules and free time

  • all classes have some kind of hands-on component, tasting component, recipes for you to take home, and class samples to take home

  • prices vary based on ingredient costs, class length, expertise shared

  • nearly all our classes are designed so people of any experience level, including beginners, can enjoy learning how to cook in a low pressure, friendly environment (if it is a more advanced class, it will say so)

  • our goal is to help you learn the basics and how to experiment for success

  • classes are designed for adults -- if you want to bring a child with you, please contact us first to learn more about the class (it could be fun for you and your tween or teen, but children cannot come without an adult partner)

Brand New Classes/Events for February 2024

Herbs, squash, peppers, and cooking utensils
Cooking Class Prep

  • Chef's Inspiration Tasting Dinner -- this is NOT a class; it is a 6-course tasting culinary adventure where Chef Mark shares whatever he is inspired to make. We expect to offer more of these in 2024. Try something new this Valentine's Day -- only enough spots for three couples. (Wed, Feb. 14)

  • Broths and Soups for Life -- Learn how to make a couple of vegetable and meat-based broths and soups, and how to vary ingredients to make your own future healthy, flavorful, warming, soup creations (Tues, Feb. 27)

  • Making Eclairs and Cream Puffs -- Learn how to make the special dough, fillings, and toppings for these indulgent treats (Sun, Feb. 18)

2023 Favorites Return in February 2024

Our chocolate-making classes were the most frequently attended in 2023, so we will keep them all in rotation for 2024 -- perhaps you want to make our own treats for your special someone's or just treat yourself! In each of these classes, you learn a particular chocolate-making technique and you get to take home what you make! These are also a favorite among people booking private parties.

Colorful filled chocolate truffles
Student-Made from Coloring and Filling Truffles Class

Chocolate Shop Ordering and Hours for February 2024

Our chocolate selection for February will become available for viewing and on-line ordering on Sunday, January 28. We will have filled chocolate truffles, chocolate barks, chocolate bars, and chocolate figurines.

  • Chocolate Shop Hours (for on-line pickups and on-site browsing)

    • Saturday, Feb. 3, 10am-Noon

    • Saturday, Feb. 10, 10am-Noon

    • If you are in a February class, then post-class

    • By appointment

Contact Us and Send Your Ideas

Contact us here if you have

  • Questions

  • Ideas for public classes

  • Want to have a private party or family gathering or some team-building

  • Want to partner with us

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