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Finn C. Bear Bagged at FCC, Can You Tell Where Else?

In our last post, Finn C. Bear was enjoying the fresh air and outdoor space at Remsberg Park. No children were playing then, but he imagined what fun it must be on the playground and ball fields as he skipped along the walking path. (No one guessed this one correctly.)

After such a long walk, Finn was hungry again so he hopped a ride over to 200 Monroe Center at Frederick Community College's Hospitality, Culinary, & Tourism School. Did you know that on Thursday evenings you can book a table for dinner over there? The HCTI students, with the help of their instructors, make and serve delicious food. Tini, one of the competitors on Season 2 of Next Level Chef was a student there! They are friendly folks over there, but it is a little dangerous for a little chocolate bear -- someone thought he was supposed to be part of a raffle and bagged him!

Finn hopped another ride and found himself back in Middletown at a gas station. But, wait?! He could smell food cooking at Lee Delauter & Son. He is amazed at all the unexpected places to find fresh cooked food around here. This vehicle he had snuck into seemed to be going lots of interesting places so he decided to see where else it would take him. You can see selfies Finn took along the way below.

It was fun seeing all these places, but Finn is a little bear afterall. He decided it was time to find another park where he could stretch his legs and enjoy some quiet. By this time, he was headed west out of Middletown. Can you tell where he ended up from the picture below -- respond through the Contact Form with your guess by 11pm on March 18 for a class or product discount at Chocolates and Tomatoes Farm.

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