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Green Beans Have Arrived for the Week 11 On-Farm Market, Other Summer Favs Coming Soon

Signs of Summer

For some, Summer has not really begun without peaches, tomatoes, green beans, sweet corn, and cantaloupe. For others, the sign of summer is being overrun by zucchini and yellow squash.

This week, green beans (pictured left), are joining the other tasty summer veggies at Chocolates and Tomatoes Farm!

Basil made a sneak peak last week and will be back again... Tomatoes in every color and shape will be out in full force.

Mmmm... just think about a tasty plate of farm fresh tomatoes and basil... or a salad of potatoes and green beans... or perhaps some bruschetta with fresh-made sourdough bread, roasted farm-fresh garlic, a mix of heirloom tomatoes, and basil... or peach salsa

Some other summer Favs may be at the market too. See the list from Week 9 for most of what will be there and read about our tasty heirloom tomatoes here. This is the last week for blueberries -- more than one market-goer has said they are the best they ever tasted. Don't miss it!

Finding Your Inner Chef

If you have taken any classes with Chef Mark yet, you know he encourages you to use the recipes as a base or inspiration. They give you a starting idea of what to do with all the wonderful seasonal fruits and veggies, but then you taste along the way and make it your own.

  • I admit, I was not taught that way. Whether it was a family recipe handed down by my Sicilian grandmother showing me what it should feel or taste like (since there was no written recipe), or through the pages of Redbook magazine (equally likely in the home I grew up in), making the meal was about following the rules to reproduce it exactly.

  • When I met Chef Mark, I learned that cooking could be much more fun. He introduced me to lots of new ingredients and lots of new ways to cook them!

  • Come to a class at The Learning Kitchen at Chocolates and Tomatoes Farm and join your own cooking adventure to discover your inner chef!

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