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The Tomato Rainbow is Emerging, Limited Quantity for Week 10 On-Farm Market

It is as if they have made an agreement with each other that just a few at a time should get their moment in the spotlight.

We hope you will try out all the colors and tastes in the tomato rainbow. Mixing them together in a salsa or tomato salad is a great way to enjoy the many dimensions of flavor.

  • This week, Week 10, of our on-farm market, the Bella Rosa and Cherokee Purple tomatoes will take center stage surrounded by just a few of our other 25+ tomato varieties.

    • Bella Rosa means "beautiful rose." They are firm, juicy, round tomatoes, and are often said to have a "classic" tomato taste.

    • Cherokee Purple tomatoes are a dark, dusty rose color with green-tinged shoulders. They are sweet with a rich, smokey flavor.

  • We will continue to have the wide variety of offerings we had during Week 9

    • If you cam early to last week's market, you got one of the few cherry tomato mixed pints -- we expect to have more of those red and gold gems

Top left, the Bella Rosa is shown in the center; Middle top are Bella Rosa's; Right top are a mix of tomatoes, mostly reds and purples; Bottom left shows more of the tomato rainbow with orange and yellow varieties popping; Bottom middle features the Cherokee Purple; Bottom right shows the Cherokee Purple surrounded by a mix of other colors.

If you came to our Tastes and Textures of the Tomato Rainbow (Tasting) class last night, you got to taste the Bella Rosa, Cherokee Purple, Tangerine, and two cherry varieties -- the Tomato Berry and the Sunrise Bumble Bee (all shown in the bottom left picture above).

  • For each tomato tasting class we feature a somewhat different mix of tomatoes based on what is coming out of the field.

  • You learn about how to appreciate the differences in tomato flavor and texture, and what kinds of recipes can best feature each unique tomato.

  • You can still sign up for Tomato Rainbow classes!

As always, you can our farm market under the red and white tents at Chocolates and Tomatoes Farm, 7957 Hollow Road, Middletown, MD 21769, between 9am-1pm on Saturday, July 15.

  • If you want to order other produce ahead of time, reserve your orders online by 11pm on Thursday evening (so we can harvest and pack on Friday).

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