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May 2024 Chocolates at Chocolates and Tomatoes Farm

Below is a picture of our May 2024 mixed 12-piece chocolate box. The flavors are: orange, coconut-ube, hibiscus-mango, strawberry-apricot-amaretto, peach-banana, raspberry, coffee, mint, almond crunch, whole hazelnut, hazelnut chocolate bits, and ruby ganache (a newer pink chocolate with berry tones).

12 pieces of colorful chocolate in a gold tray
12 pieces of artisan chocolate from Chocolates and Tomatoes Farm

At Chocolates and Tomatoes Farm, we specialize in filled truffles. About 9 times per year, we offer new sets of chocolate flavors and styles.

  • Typically, we offer 12 flavors per batch so if you order our 12-piece chocolate box then you get one of each flavor.

    • When you buy online or at our on-farm market tents, you get premade mixed-flavor boxes: 12-piece for $23, 8-piece for $16, and sometimes 4-piece for $8

    • All our May filled truffles are in a 65% dark chocolate shell (and this is true for nearly all the chocolates we make).

    • Most fillings are dairy-based, a flavored chocolate ganache. You can learn how to make flavored

We offer a set of chocolate-making classes where you can learn the techniques we use to make these beauties including:

Join Us for Special Chocolate Shop Hours

Periodically during the year, we have special Chocolate Shop Hours. You can also shop there following Learning Kitchen classes at the farm.

When you come to our special Chocolate Shop Hours, you can mix and match as you please -- maybe you want all of one flavor or perhaps you want a box without nuts. You could also pick up a cute figurine (most of those are vegan), meltaways (also mostly vegan), and some honey and during May some eggs. Click on the days and hours and head over to 7957 Hollow Road, Middletown, MD 21769, drive down the lane, park in the gravel lot, and come to the purple door (we will have signs out for you). You can pay by cash, check, or credit/debit card.

Assortment of chocolate pieces and figures in and on a glass case
May 2024 chocolate case at the Chocolates and Tomatoes Farm Chocolate Shop

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