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Peak Season Preview and On-Farm Market at Chocolates and Tomatoes Farm

Mid-May through Mid-September is our peak season at Chocolates and Tomatoes Farm. That is when: most of our fruits, herbs, and veggies are harvested; we have our on-farm market; and, we have lots of classes focused on learning recipes and cooking techniques to get more enjoyment from what we grow here on the farm.

Mother's Day Chocolates

Farm signs on farm fence
Farm signs on fence showing our location

The on-farm market won't be open in time for Mother's Day this year, but we will have three Chocolate Shop days (7957 Hollow Road, Middletown, MD 21769 at the purple door) dates and on-line ordering available as follows:

  • Saturday, May 4: Chocolate Shop, 10am-Noon

  • Tuesday, May 7: Chocolate Shop, 5:30-7:30pm

  • Saturday, May 11: Chocolate Shop, 10am-Noon

What to expect from the On-Farm Market

Red and white tents and farm market signs
On-Farm Market red and white tents

The On-Farm Market is on Saturday's 9am-1pm. Opening Day in 2024 will be May 18; online orders will begin May 13 (we always aim for Mother's Day weekend, but the heavy rains and fluctuating temps this Spring made planting and growing more difficult so we have pushed back a week).

  • Most of what we sell, we grow at Chocolates and Tomatoes Farm using sustainable methods with no chemicals.

  • We sell some things that we create here too (like chocolates and bread).

  • We source some other local farm products too - these are labeled as coming from elsewhere.

  • It is outside, under the red and white tents.

  • At, 7957 Hollow Road, Middletown, MD 21769

  • In sunny and rainy weather (except when lightening or high winds).

  • We accept cash, debit, and credit.

  • You can order ahead online and pickup, or come for a leisurely browse through.

  • Lots of routes lead to Chocolates and Tomatoes Farm

On Opening Day, we expect to have the following items that are currently growing on our fields:

  • Various greens including: arugula, baby romaine heads, salad mix, collard and mustard greens

  • Onions: yellow candy onions and green onions

  • Root veggies: beets, radishes (french breakfast and red globe), salad turnips

  • Fruits: rhubarb, strawberries (at the link, see this cool video that Mark made with the USDA in the off season)

  • Herbs: oregano, thyme, tarragon, various mints

  • Other: cucumbers

We will also have fresh treats from other local farms:

  • farm-fresh eggs

  • various types of mushrooms

And, other yummy treats such as:

  • local honey from Western Maryland Apiaries (some gathered from hives at Chocolates and Tomatoes Farm)

  • Chocolates and Tomatoes Farm chocolates

  • Chocolates and Tomatoes Farm sourdough bread

  • sometimes other baked goods

Adult Cooking Class Adventures for Summer Fun

Purple door framed by yellow flowering bushes
Purple door is the entrance to The Learning Kitchen at Chocolates and Tomatoes Farm

Many summer fun cooking classes are now on the calendar. Our classes are geared towards adults having culinary adventures together. Our aim is to make learning fun and low pressure, and create an environment to enjoy with old and new friends. Join us at the purple door! You DO NOT need any cooking experience for any of our classes. Teens and tweens may participate with their parents for Learning Kitchen at Chocolates and Tomatoes Farm classes.

Get new ideas for how enjoy your farm-fresh, Chocolates and Tomatoes Farm, seasonal veggies (these classes feature whatever is growing fresh on the farm so the featured ingredients are a bit different depending on the time of year you take the class). Click on the links to learn more about the classes or to register:

Berry-specific classes featuring what we grow at Chocolates and Tomatoes Farm:

Tomato Tastings - Learn about the different tastes of the tomato rainbow!

Get some tips on cooking with less salt in our Sauces for Life classes: June 4 and July 14

NEW this year --Learn how to make :

Learn how to make chocolates and other sweet treats like we do at Chocolates and Tomatoes Farm (not as many chocolate classes in the summer to make room for all the veg):

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