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On-Farm Market Week 8, Potatoes New This Week

Hello Family, Friends, and Neighbors of Chocolates and Tomatoes Farm! Welcome to those of you discovering us for the first time. We look forward each week to seeing familiar faces, hearing about your lives, answering questions about what we are growing and selling, and giving suggestions for cooking and growing. We are happy to share whatever we know.

The newest veggie to join the big tent are the white potatoes.

  • We only grew white ones this year (some of you might remember us having red and purple in past years).

The French Breakfast Radish is making a return this week.

  • These little gems have a more mild flavor than the globe radish.

We might have a few market surprises.

  • There are a few veggies that are just on the edge of being ready for a public appearance, but we just won't know until the final harvest on Friday.

Strawberries, snow and snap peas really are gone for the season now, but otherwise we expect to have all of what we had last week. See some pictures below for what that looked like.

Check out earlier blog posts to see what is in season now and what else you can do at (and near) Chocolates and Tomatoes Farm.

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