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Can't Wait for Cantaloupe? Come to Chocolates and Tomatoes Farm Market on Sat, July 22

Several of the Chocolates and Tomatoes Farm Market regulars have told us over the years that the cantaloupe we grow here has become a family favorite.

  • We grow a variety called "Sugar Cube" -- it is as sweet as the name sounds

  • Firm (not tough) and juicy

A pile of cantaloupe waiting for customers
Field-fresh cantaloupe

I would generally not count myself among cantaloupe-lovers, but this one is the exception for me!

  • Cantaloupe season is short because they ripen all at the same time -- so if you want to try them, you've only got a couple of weeks to do it!

  • Come out to the Chocolates and Tomatoes Farm On-Market on Saturday, July 22, between 9:00am and 1:00pm at 7957 Hollow Road, Middletown, MD, 21769

You can eat your cantaloupe plain or create a meal with the 25+ different fruits, veggies, herbs, local eggs, honey, and fresh baked bread. See main week 11 blog.

An orange nasturtium flower ringed by its lily-pad like leaves

One unusual treat are nasturtiums (left) -- their leaves make we think of lily pads and then they have these gorgeous, bright flowers. Even more suprising -- you can eat the whole thing -- flowers and leaves. If you are missing your arugula (too hot to grow here right now), you might try out some of this peppery treat You will find some in our herbs area at the market tent.

  • Sign up for the next Sauces for Life class and learn how to make flavorful, low salt and low sugar sauces with various herbs, spices, and other market-fresh ingredients.

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