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On-Farm Market July 2024 at Chocolates and Tomatoes Farm: Fruits and Veg Coming

Lots more variety comes to the farm in July, with new yummies each week

Pile of fresh blackberries
Season's first blackberries at Chocolates and Tomatoes Farm

Blackberries gave us sneak peak at the end of June and will continue some into July. We grow Caddo thornless blackberries. You can learn a little bit about them in this video from the University of Arkansas where the were developed. We find them sweet and juicy. Learn some ways to pair your berries in this class at our Learning Kitchen!

Variety of fresh tomatoes in crates
2023 Season Tomatoes as Preview for 2024

Tomatoes of all kinds - red, purple, orange, yellow, and green. Fill-sized, cherry-sized, and grape sized. If you came to the June 29 Market, you saw the first of the season Bella Rosas. To the right is a picture of some of last year's variety. Come learn about different types of tomato textures and flavors in our tomato tasting classes.

By mid-July, we should have some tasty eggplant.

Mid-to-late July, we will have seedless watermelon and sugar cube cantaloupe. We have some customers who can't get enough of this lope! We agree it is the sweetest we have ever tasted.

I late July, the peppers emerge. We grow a rainbow of sweet and smokey-tasting peppers and a few hot ones. You might enjoy an Aleppo pepper that some describe as a slow-building heat with earthy tones and a fruity tang. I can't handle anything spicier than a jalapeno and I appreciate variations on pepper flavor such as this one. You might also enjoy the sweet smokiness of the Ashe County Pimento Pepper -- yep, one ingredient in pimento cheese that can be used for so much more. If you want to learn more about the rainbow of peppers we grow, then sign up for our salsa class here.

Learn How to Use What We Grow in Our Farm Cooking Classes

Throughout July, we will continue to have zucchini, summer squash, carrots, beets, potatoes, radishes, kale, onions, and more. Get inspired with more ways to eat your summer bounty in the other July classes:

If you want to reserve your tasty treats in advance, then you can purchase them ahead of time Monday-Thursday for Saturday pickup. If you have a special event or large one-time order need, then reach out through the website to make special arrangements.

Come see us on Saturdays, 9am-1pm through mid-September to browse the farm stand. We accept cash and credit. Look for the red and white tents at 7957 Hollow Road, Middletown, MD.

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