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Order/Pick-Up to Tide You Over for 3 Weeks (Farm Closed to the Public 8/12-8/20, 2023)

Summer Break for Chocolates and Tomatoes Farm

Yes, we know it is peak season for all the fruits and veggies, but even farmers need a break during prime beach season. As a small operation, we don't have anyone who can step in to keep it open to the public while we are gone although we will have folks helping out to keep the farm tidy and to take care of the crops.

We will be closed to the public Saturday, August 12, 2023 through Sunday, August 20, 2023. That means there will be:

  • NO on-farm market or pick-ups Saturday, August 12

  • NO on-farm market or pick-ups Saturday, August 19

  • NO classes August 12-August 20

  • NO special orders or pickups August 12-August 20

  • NO online ordering August 6-August 20

Remainder of Peak Season Schedule

The remainder of our peak season scheduled is as follows:

Tomatoes at Chocolates and Tomatoes Farm On-Farm Market July 29, 2023
Tomatoes at On-Farm Market July 2023

Off Season Schedule Including Cooking Classes

We are still working out our off-season schedule.

  • During the off-season, our fields are mostly resting. We plant cover-crops to renew the soil for the next season

  • For a little while -- usually through about Thanksgiving -- our fields continue to produce the veggies planted earlier in the year.

    • So, we will have some scheduled pick-ups, just not every week.

  • We will continue to have classes -- we will be adding some more in late August (after we have some time to think about it while on our vacation).

  • By late August, we will also send out our schedule of holiday chocolate ordering and pick-up dates for Thanksgiving, Hannukah, Christmas, New Year's, Valentine's 2024, and Easter 2024.

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